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ka 100% RDM
ka 100% RDM
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From: £ 450.00

The highest performance reduced diameter mast in the Ka range, the RDM 100% is designed to get the absolute best out of your sails with that extra peace of mind offered by an RDM mast. Utilising the same bend curves as our SDM masts the RDM 100% can be used across the Ka Range excluding the KaRace. Highly recommended for Wave sailors who want the absolute best in radical conditions, they are also perfect for Speed sailing on the smaller Koncepts with the RDM cams fitted.

As part of our intense Ka.RT (Ka Rig Technology) program we developed a unique layup for all of our masts. This enabled us to optimise weight without sacrificing the durability, resulting in a super responsive rig that flexes consistantly and reacts instantly. The mast bend curves are matched perfectly to our luff curves ensuring the sails behave exactly as the designers intended, twist and draft placement are optimised.

If you are serious about high performance then look no further.

available in sizes 340-370-400-430-460-490

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