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NEW!!!   Vmax 4.0 . 27-55cm. 10% Off
NEW!!! Vmax 4.0 . 27-55cm. 10% Off
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27cm - 55cm
From: £ 185.00

VMax 4.0 2019

Board type
: Slalom XL - RACE

Born from the pedigree of the ladder-climbing Caspar CrossFire
downwind GPS style, we specified an efficient curved leading-edge
outline – first proven by the successful r03c and r05c models of 03
and 05. Since then our development tools have made giant strides
on evolving the concept. Intended only for advanced riders closely
in-tune with their adjustments and settings, the curved edge foil is
the perfect pivot point to transmit load to the hull through the fin’s
center. With the aim of reducing wetted surface area in the name of
speed, this series boasts an ultra-responsive body, and tips with low
flex and twist under load to generate extreme amounts of lift. The
level of tilt varies through the sizes.

Technology : Semi custom moulded pre-preg process.

Available box types : Powerbox / Tuttle / Deep Tuttle

Size : 27cm - 55cm


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