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NEW FINS for 2019 !!! 

Up To 40% Off End of line Fins

NEW Weed fins and a revision to the line up !!!.

UNIFIBER know fins are vital. Resistance in water is about 850 times higher than in the air, so production tolerances are crucial.

For the ultimate mix of price and quality, UNIFIBER produce both CNC machined and hand-finished fin’s using G10 and Vinylester materials.

You’ll find G10 in the larger sizes for optimum performance in durability, flex and twist and for foils under 36cm we use Vinylester for further comfort and control.

For serious tricksters there’s an impact-resistant G10 lay-up in all sizes for the exciting Chop – Chop freestyle fin and an all-G10 line-up for the Weed-slaying models too.

unifiber anti weed lessacher weed blade g10
Price £125.00
(Ex VAT £104.17)
Price £60.00
(Ex VAT £50)
unifiber new skool freestyle
Price £60.00
(Ex VAT £50)
unifiber freeride
Price £59.00
(Ex VAT £49.17)
unifiber lessacher anti weed
Price £69.00
(Ex VAT £57.5)
new freeride
Price £79.00
(Ex VAT £65.83)