Tribal Slalom MK1 15% Off
Tribal Slalom MK1 15% Off
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Tribal Slalom MK1 Overview

The ultimate slalom fin gives power to burn across the wind and upwind, yet disappears as if there is nothing holding you back off the wind, but with a control influence that keeps the board trim just right through nasty chop or wild gusts.

Total confidence and a range so wide that you never get caught out!

The Tribal line is just that. Serious R&D based on windsurfing optimized Tribal profiles, has led to an unsurpassed performance in a G10 fin.

G10 as a material has some serious advantages. Durability is outstanding; it can tolerate being driven through a sand bank without too much consequence, and with an easy ability to clean up the damage and restore it like new. Moulded composite fins on the other hand usually suffer much more from these accidents.

The Tribal G10 slalom line offers the ultimate performance in an upright configuration.Type you main description here.

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