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Tectonics have been in the forefront of KITERACING for some time. The Talon has proven to be a devastatingly good fin in both the Windsurfing and Kiteracing arena. Dennis and his team have created the T-43K which has proven to be faster and is winning races. With many hours R&D matched set sizes have been recommended reducing the risk of wrong sized fins being purchased. Jonny Heineken and other PKRA Pro's have found this to be the best  sizes for all conditions. Now new for the current season the ''Fury'' is the culmination of all the fin designs to bring you the best allround fin so far. Amaizing reports of imporved stability and faster speed make this fin the must have for 2015

Available in other sizes and configurations. 
TECTONICS Kiteracing Fins
tectonics fury
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