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Techart designs and makes their own fin line following a single philosophy: To unite artisanship with the most advanced technologies. The result is a product in limited edition built without compromises using the best carbon fibers available. Each one personalized according to the demands of the client.

Each Fin is layed up completely by hand using a CNC machined mould, and subsequently post-cured at high temperature to enhance the mechanical characteristics of the laminate. Hand Wet sanding finishes the process

TECHART makes use of complex techniques of hybridization between layer of lamination producing optimal characteristics of flex and torsion.

Are you after better performance?

TECHART does it for you.

Designed by computer and made exclusively of carbon fiber, tested in the hardest conditions with two goals in mind: Greater acceleration and top speed, TECHART is able to enhance the performance of your board.  

Designed and manufactured in Italy these high perfomance Carbon moulded fins are super high quality. Light and stiff they out perform some if their G10 rivals. This year the KR04 and KR05 have been developed from the success of the Windsurfing fins range to bring a range of fins for both light to high wind situations.
TECHART Kiteracing Fins
techart kr04
Light-Medium winds
techart kr05
Medium to strong winds