Slalom Pro Carbon. 10% Off
Slalom Pro Carbon. 10% Off
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Pro Slalom
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Slalom Pro Carbon

The SPC was developed over the last 2 years by MUF founder and fin designer Rick Hanke and a slalom test team lead by Kurosh Kiani. It features a narrow outline and a new thin low drag profile, making it extremely fast on all courses. The SPC is especially suited for racing in rough and overpowered conditions and accelerates great from jibes.

The extremely precise high-end RTM-production in Germany allows for the lightest weight possible (e.g. 230 gram for a 30 cm TT SPC) and all fins are absolutely identical in layup and performance.

Kurosh Kiani: ?The new Slalom-Pro-Carbon is designed with maximum speed in mind. The foil has been thinned out, and the new combination of stiffness and rake has been fine tuned for optimum performance!?

Construction: Carbon, RTM technology — made in Germany by THM, Alt-Duvenstedt.

Best suited for: Slalom races for professionals and ambitious riders

DTT: 34-56 cm (by 2-cm-steps)
PB: 20-42 cm (by 2-cm-steps)
TT: 20-56 cm (by 2-cm-steps)


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