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Extra 10% Discount on all fins for 2015

From time to time we update our stock. Many Brands bring new models in each year around January so we usually have a small stock of last years models. These are are latest offerings, many reduced by 20% on last years prices.. Grab yourself a bargain !!!!!!!!!!!
vector canefire carbon 42cm tt
Price £250.00
(Ex VAT £208.33)
vector zx 38cm tt
Price £145.00
(Ex VAT £120.83)
vector canefire carbon
Price £250.00
(Ex VAT £208.33)
vector canefire g10
Price £150.00
(Ex VAT £125)
unifiber lessacher anti weed
Price £79.99
(Ex VAT £66.66)
deboichet r16
Price £175.00
(Ex VAT £145.83)
deboichet  sl1
Price £172.00
(Ex VAT £143.33)
deboichet upwind
Price £165.00
(Ex VAT £137.5)
 50% OFF RRP
Price £67.00
(Ex VAT £55.83)
 cnc g10
Price £157.00
(Ex VAT £130.83)
Price £45.00
(Ex VAT £37.5)
flying objects nitro
Price £85.00
(Ex VAT £70.83)