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2019 RANGE

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SELECT- HYDROFOILS is one of the largest Windsurfing Fin maufacturers in the world. Select- Hydrofoils brings you a large and very comprehensive range of Windsurfing fins for all abilities,all board sizes and conditions. Select Hydrofoils range covers all abilities from the weekend sailer to the PWA pro.

SELECT - Windsurfing Fins
s1 high wind
High Wind Slalom
55cm - 70cm
Select RACE 59cm - 70cm
slam xl 
41cm - 57cm
S1 Pro XL 43cm - 57cm
31cm - 41cm
S1 G10 37cm - 45cm
27cm - 61cm
27cm - 55cm
select hotrod
Speed Monster
BIC Techno Class
Edge G10
Freestyle - Bump and Jump
Freestyle - Bump and Jump