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Maui Ultra Slalom Race. 10% Off
Maui Ultra Slalom Race. 10% Off
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''NEW''  Maui Ultra Slalom Race


Our new Slalom Race is the result of a close cooperation between Rick Hanke, our team rider Kurosh Kiani and other top PWA-racers. It was tested on Maui and at several European spots by experts and advanced slalom sailors in a variety of conditions - ranging from super smooth to extremely choppy conditions. The Slalom Race excelled in all of it.

This top performance of our high-end slalom fin has several reasons, one being the wider outline. Combined with Rick´s new and extremely fast profile, your slalom board will go upwind even better and you will have excellent control at very high speeds down wind.

The secret weapon for competitors and ambitious slalom sailors!

Here is what our team riders say:

PWA Slalom sailor Kurosh Kiani: "The new G-10 slalom race is what you are searching for if you are looking for a fast comfortable ride. When you are racing, control equals speed. Improve your sailing experience and get on the new Slalom Race G-10´s!"

IFCA Slalom-World Champion (Master Division) Robert Hofmann: “The Slalom Race helps to plane early, is excellent at going upwind and board control is superb on fast downwind reaches. The fin simply has a great range.”

Construction: G-10, CNC

Best suited: Slalom competitions on all levels 

This is a new fin designed in conjunction with Kurosh Kiani, Fully CNC machined and accurate for the demands of the high end of the market. This fin will suit both serious Racers and free Racers who are looking for a top performing Fin which is both fast upwind as it is off the wind.

Sizes :  26-58cm 
Box  :  Tuttle - Powerbox- Deep Tuttle     

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