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mXr proudly presents a thrilling fin line, designed by Olivier Ponrouch from France. His organic shapes, have been thoroughly tested in GPS race conditions. The Luderitz canal speeds were the icing on the cake with top contenders Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck and Jurjen van der Noord taking the fins to incredible speeds. The second fastest 500 meter speed ever was set, making the mXr fins the fastest G10/G-11 fins in the world. Seb Cattelan, world class speed kiter also used our designs on his kite board and took the fin to mind blowing speeds giving us valuable information.

All fins are blistering fast under the various conditions, boards and sailing styles they were designed for. Light and heavy riders, slalom racers and free riders alike, will find a fin of their liking.

Fins are still highly underestimated by lots of riders worldwide. Many are not aware by changing fins the behavior of a given board can change completely and an uncontrollable beast can be turned in furry kitten or vice versa. Having various fins for a given board can reward you with added pleasure on the water.

Finishing is A+ and unmatched in quality. You have to see and feel them to believe the standard we set in fin building.

The UFO and Katana Race are also available in G-11. This material is suited for lighter riders or riders who are looking for a bit softer feel.

On this website you can find an introduction on every fin type. The fins are meticulously made in our European based MvM composites production facility. They come with fantastic looking covers, which are made with the same precision as used in our fin production. These fin “holsters” protect the fins’ leading and trailing edge and an extra secure flap covers the base.
MXR Windsurfing Fins
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G10 - G11