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MXR UFO Slalom 50% Off
MXR UFO Slalom 50% Off
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G10 - G11
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Our downwind speed/slalom fin for open water. At speed the fin comes to life and easily finds second gear. There is enough room to lift the nose when you need it. The overall feeling is neutral, but a bit more challenging than the Whale. On regular chop and broad wind, this design can’t be beaten. The UFO is also the base of our speed line. When looking at the biggest UFO versions, it’s clear that a bird wing was the source of inspiration for this fin design.

  • The curved leading edge adjusts the angle of the board at each given speed as you ride it. As maximizing open water speed is the main objective, this fin is best suited for experienced riders, who have a need for some serious downwind speed..
  • Once at speed, the fin maximizes tail lift, but the board angle will remain the same and the board won’t tip over in any gust with the right size fin.

Size Selector

The fin will standard be delivered in a Tuttle box but on request other boxes can be ordered.

Graph explanation:

The graph shows maximum tail lift, a variable and possible high nose lift with the highest strength at broad courses.

Our solution for open water speed with high aspect fins. Creating superb control and speed in downwind dashes was Olivier’s main objective with this design.

Out of the high aspect fin range, the UFO requires the highest skill level. Please note every fin suits its purpose in given conditions for expert riders.


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