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Katana Race 50% off
Katana Race 50% off
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Our full on Slalom racing tool for the experienced rider who likes a loose feeling. The bigger the sizes get, the more suited they are for upwind drive. The smaller sizes are extremely fast and predictable on irregular chop at the relatively low of the wind angles a slalom is usually sailed. It’s a more traditional outline with some special Olivier tweaks.

  • With a straight trailing edge, Olivier aimed to create a very predictable ride. Just like all other fins, the profile used is carefully picked to match the anticipated qualities of the fin in question.
  • There is a massive possible, but yet very stable noselift to cope with irregular chop. Even at high speed and in the strongest gusts, a skilled rider will experience a very predictable board behavior in cross winds and slight of the wind reaches mostly sailed in downwind slalom courses.
  • The rake angle ensures control in even the most extreme conditions.
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