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We designed the site to be as simple and informative to every level of Windsurfer.

For years the fin has been ignored with more concentration on the board or sail and not considering fin choice and whether it is suitable for the board that is being used. We have been working with all the major brands to bring the consumer the ability to make an informed choice.

Our range covers all varieties from Waves to Slalom, formula and speed fins. The Fin designers work with various materials from CNC machined G10 to the more expensive custom Carbon lay ups. We have tried to consider all abilities and needs from the recreational weekend sailor right up to the pro.

We hope you find the Fin you are looking for, if you dont fee free to ring or email us 7 days a week.


BLACK PROJECT- Windsurfing Fins
CHOCO- Windsurfing Fins
DEBOICHET CUSTOM - Windsurfing Fins
FLYING OBJECTS Windsurf fins
G-FINS - windsurfing Fins
K4 Windsurfing Fins
MOO CUSTOM / K4 Speed Fins
MAUI ULTRA FINS - windsurfing fins
MXR Windsurfing
SELECT -Windsurfing Fins
TECTONICS MAUI - Windsurfing
TFC - windsurfing Fins
VECTOR - Windsurfing Fins
TECHART - Windsurfing Fins
UNIFIBER - Windsurfing Fins


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