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DEBOICHET CUSTOM FINS . A company that need no introductions. Vastly popular with the Proffessional windsurfing fraternity. A must for the truly commited windsurfer. Actions speak loader than words with the success that Deboichet Custom Fins has achieved. Used by Antoine Albeau to win many PWA races. These Fins are made from high quality carbon and manufactured in France to maintain high Quality control.


Stiffness - SOFT = more power and light winds.
HARD = stronger winds and more control.

Rake angle - 0-10 The lower number the more upright the fin.
Lower number give better upwind performance
Higher numbers better higher wind control and speed.

Profiles - Thicker foils = more power in lighter winds but less speed
Thinner foils = less power in light winds but higher speeds

Area - Larger surface area = more power in light winds
Smaller area = less light wind power but higher speeds
Big tips and narrow bases = more control
Skinny tips = high top speeds

 custom line
Price £179.00
(Ex VAT £149.17)
r16 slalom
Price £179.00
(Ex VAT £149.17)
custom line
Price £165.00
(Ex VAT £137.5)
custom line
Price £175.00
(Ex VAT £145.83)